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Health is by choice & not by chance


Affordable Integrated State of the Art Healthcare from MediAide Solutions

Quality healthcare is expensive anywhere in the world. Very few countries have truly universal healthcare and some of those that do don’t offer free healthcare. The citizens still need to pay for their health insurance. For millions of people in developed countries like the United States, Canada and United Kingdom along with a few nations in Europe, advanced healthcare is almost unaffordable. Spending up to $200,000 for bone marrow transplant or around $3,000 for dental implants is beyond reckoning for a significant majority. This compels many to either avoid medical intervention or to look for alternatives.

There is no better alternative than fully integrated and affordable yet state of the art healthcare available in India. The thought of having to fly halfway across the world to a country one may not have been to can be quite unnerving. It is not just about the healthcare when it comes to medical tourism. One has to manage the visas, international flights, accommodation, doctor appointments and planning a remedial course at a chosen hospital. The choice of hospital alone can be a daunting challenge as there are plenty of options and one may have limited awareness of the quality of healthcare in India.


MediAide Solutions is a company specializing in medical concierge. The company can plan the entire trip, get the visas for the purpose of seeking medical treatment, set up the appointments and coordinate with the hospitals, manage the medical records online, customize a package to include flights and hotel accommodation, work with the government authorities or agencies to facilitate easy transit through immigration and other formalities, ensure there is easy transportation available when you arrive and attend to your pretreatment as well as post treatment care. Everything from your daily needs to the actual purpose of your visit will be attended to by the experts at MediAide Solutions.

India is second to none when it comes to state of the art fully integrated healthcare. The fact that there are so many doctors of Indian origin in the United States, the United Kingdom and Singapore among other regions in the world is a testimony to their reliability and expertise. The only reason why medical treatments is more affordable in India compared to the US, the UK or Singapore is the currency. Bypass surgery costs $25,000 in the UK and $35,000 in the US. The same costs $6,000 in India. From Lasik surgery to in-vitro fertilization, everything is exponentially more affordable.

Our team strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of the medical process, from the preliminary medical assessments  to your post treatment support. We carefully design our medical packages to be easy and flexible while making sure that most FAQ of our customers can be answered by our detailed documentation.

Our Vision

We focus on using the latest medical services standards and practices and strongly believe that a medical advocate on your part is necessary to convey the issues faced by the patient. We design your medical packages as per your medical needs and procedure requirements. Medical Visa, selecting the best course of action, Representation at the hospitals and consulting doctors, Pre & Post treatment care and attendant.

Once you select a standard package or a custom tailored package, we take care of everything to make your healing without any hassles.Our Expert physician specialists and caring clinical staff provide you with an exceptional health care experience at your hospital or hotel before and after your treatment.

Medical Records & History of our patron patients are stored in the state of the art cloud servers and can be fetched at any time without any charges.

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